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The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

About Us

For many years we have utilized Lacerte software for income tax preparation. Lacerte is the premier provider of tax preparation software that allows us to prepare all forms of federal and state income tax returns including individual, corporate, partnership, fiduciary, estate, gift and not-for-profit returns.

We represent taxpayers in resolving tax matters with federal and state taxing authorities including penalty notices and taxpayers who have failed to file required returns. We work closely with tax attorneys in Birmingham and Atlanta and with other CPA firms in resolving accounting and tax problems for our clients.

Our professionals have worked with very large corporations in executive positions. Our clients range from very small companies to multi-million dollar governments and corporations.

Our firm is in compliance with the requirements of AICPA’s practice-monitoring program. We have undergone several peer reviews and received an unmodified report for each review.

We are pleased to be a firm that provides full and prompt service to our client